The spe­cial pre­pa­ra­ti­on of our sau­sa­ges — that is why the pork in the Rhi­ne­land tastes so good

A cha­rac­te­ris­tic fea­ture of Schmitz qua­li­ty has always been the spe­cial fresh­ness and regio­nal origin of the hearty, deli­cious spe­cia­li­ties. We pro­du­ce all sau­sa­ge and meat deli­caci­es and bring them to the ref­ri­gera­ted coun­ter of your retailer within 24 hours.

The best qua­li­ty of the ingre­dients and tra­di­tio­nal pro­ces­sing are Schmitz’s hig­hest prio­ri­ty. This is what our family stands for — for over 100 years. It is taken for gran­ted that inde­pen­dent insti­tu­tes will regu­lar­ly test all our pro­ducts.  At Schmitz, you can be sure that you will get not­hing but the fres­hest, best meat. This is a matter of family honour!


Our range of pro­ducts at one glance


But­cher Mastery

Spe­cia­li­ties accord­ing to tra­di­tio­nal butcher’s style and exclu­si­ve­ly made with regio­nal recipes.

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Hard to belie­ve quality

Con­ten­ted pigs, at home with tra­di­tio­nal farmers.

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