Sausages and meat according to the best family tradition

At GS Schmitz you can get great butcher’s sausages and ham specialities prepared according to old family traditions. Aromatic and unique sausages, handmade by master butchers, smoked over natural beech wood, without flavour enhancers and made from high-quality, natural raw materials. You must try them!


Freshness has a long tradition

For over 100 years, the Schmitz family name has been a byword for handmade, regional meats, sausages and ham specialities. It is, however, not only the traditional recipes that have been handed down over decades that make this Cologne sausage manufacturer so truly unique. All the members of the family have lived and loved the good, old butcher’s trade – and the company is now in the third generation.

Metzgerei Schmitz Köln: Where the pork is not only prepared with skill and experience, but also with a good portion of devotion and passion.


Our range of sausage and meat products

Butcher Mastery

At Metzgerei Schmitz, you will find the finest meat and sausage specialities from the Rhineland. Our delicious smoked sausages, the hearty cooked sausages, the juicy ham and our roasts are made according to traditional butcher's methods and made exclusively with regional recipes. Schmitz products are popular and well-known not only in the Rhineland, but throughout Germany.

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Regional range from Schmitz

In addition to the traditional preparation of our sausage and meat products, we are particularly proud of our regional origin.

The "hard-to-believe quality"

We have good news: There they are again, the contented pigs. Well protected and lovingly raised, developed with lots of exercise and rooting opportunities, raised by traditional farmers on a diet free of antibiotics.

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"We have the responsibility for the origin of the animals and want to know how they are kept. We want to prove that it can be done differently."

Andree Schulz


Have you seen him today?

Mischievously grinning, courteous, polite and reserved. Our Flönz-Butler is the latest addition to the Schmitz family. He brings a smile to the face of every blood sausage fan. With what, you ask yourself? The tuxedo-carrying charmer always has a piece of the finest organic flax in his bag and makes all gourmet hearts beat faster in an instant.